blue and black acoustic guitar Works perfectly, good first acoustic electric to start out.
GL ASAT Classic is a Telecaster style solid body electric guitar. Has never seen a stage, lived in my guitar room.Comes with a GL branded Gig Bag case.Leo Fender of Fender Guitars started GL after Fenders Success.
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Moollon Overdrive Pedal - $160reasonable offers considered.This is an amazing overdrive. Very smooth...unlike any Ive used. I can no longer play loudly, or I would not part with it. Just a great overdrive that ought to be enjoyed.Cross posted also for sale on two online sites.The serial number is worn off on the bottom label, but appears inside.The Moollon Overdrive is designed for the full fre...
BASS V-AMP PROOVERVIEWThe Ultimate Tone Toolbox for Bass Acoustic Electric Guitar and Keyboard Amp ModelingRack up a huge range of pulse-pounding effects and models.The Behringer Bass V-AMP PRO Rack Modeling Pre has all the features of the standard V-AMP, plus extensive digital connectivity. Choose from 32 classic s, 23 legendary speaker cabinets, and 16 killer effects models. Store your own pr...
Up for sale is my used 2011 Gibson Les Paul Anniversary Green Flood Electric Guitar. It has the dreaded neck break but was repaired and seems absolutely fine. These are very hard to find. This is well used and shows the wear, but still looks incredible cool. If you buy it for the $900, I will include the really cool Gibson Les Paul Peace Hemp Case that are also impossible to find and usually se...
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