Hello-------I am looking for any info on the (ORD) serial # 113 pre-mix fuel injection system. They were built to go on Hirth-JLO-Sachs- etc. snowmobile engines in the late (60's early(70's). Also looking for the cog drive belts & the gear that goes on the drive clutch! Thanks! Corky
i'm in search of the plastic trim that bolts to the c piller that the charger uses. it and the spoiler/ground effects are the only body mods thatare added to the omni to make the charger thanks in advance. Johnny chafin. hatfield, KY 41514 (606) 353-4561
1983 dodge charger plastic trim that bolts to the c piller.this trim piece and the g round effects/spoilers bolted to an omnI O24 are the only body mods used to make the 1983 charger. hatfield, KY 41514 (606) 353-4561
todayOklahoma, PA+261 milesItems Wanted
Hi there I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi and I own an Erie 77 tall boy made in Tulsa OK as far as I know... But would be interested in a 2nd one if available!
I have asthma and I am in need of an air-conditioner and gave away 3 mine...please text 631-879-3384
minutes agoBath, PA+144 milesItems Wanted
I found some slides of my recently departed cousin that I would love a slide projector for to look at. Carosel would be great but anything that would work greatly appreciated.
minutes agoChevy Chase, MD+251 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a really big box, like one that would have held a washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other large appliance. Need before 7/22. Thank you!
minutes agoChevy Chase, MD+251 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a 9 year-old-kid size tennis racket in good condition. Will pick up wherever this weekend. Thanks!
I m looking for extra white shelves for my IKEA Billy bookcases. I can happily take them apart from the bookcase if you have one you re getting rid of! Thanks!
Hi and good day. I am about to move to a new area and would like to have a microwave if you happen to get rid of one that is working and decent shape. Please let me know. Thank you, Jonathan
todayNew Haven, CT+253 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for either small or large sized lazy susans. Many Thanks!
Please in need of wheel... my mom has open heart heart surgery and we are in need of a wheelchair. If u have one u no longer need or are willing to lend... Quick, reliable pick up. Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness. Cam
I'm looking for Pok mon trading cards, any amount of them in any condition. Doesn't matter what kind they are - I'm just looking to expand my (admittedly small) collection and find some I don't have. I can come take them off your hands ASAP. Thank you! :o)
Hello, is anybody giving away a ukulele? My friend is a performer and he has the chance to earn a little more cash if he plays one in an upcoming gig. He canno0t buy one at this moment. Thanks
will travel around to pick up any supplies you can offer. Reliable, timely! Construction paper, canvas boards, old crayons or pastels...much appreciated. This school has never had an art program.
Art supplies wanted: colored paper, water based paint, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pipe cleaners etc...